If you would like to turn your life around, we invite you to become one of our members.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood The camaraderie we have with our biological sisters and brothers is the same as we have for our HELP sisters and brothers.

AccountabilityThe trait of self and mutual accountability is a base for success for the rest of our lives. We expect each other to meet commitments and expect to be called out if and when needed.

Compassion We never turn anyone away even if they make mistakes. We “walk with” each other through the good and bad.

Respect We attract respect by giving and earning it. We listen to understand before we respond and really care about what people have to say. We show respect by telling each other the truth.

Advocacy We dedicate ourselves to advocate for returning citizens to obtain employment, housing and their right to live as those citizens who do not have felony records. By advocating, it builds our confidence, self-esteem and character.

Collaboration We collaborate with churches, organizations and communities to raise awareness of the struggles returning citizens face and how we can make a difference in their lives as they make a difference in ours.

Humility We pride ourselves in being humble and humility is a tool for our success. We share our stories and experiences with the courage to face the truth.

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